My Garage Sale Finds

I'm a sucker for a good deal! Some I keep, some I sell. I will constantly be adding items as I find them, so check by often! Below you'll find a few of my favorite treasures! Enjoy, and comment below if you've found an amazing deal you want to share.
What a day when a $3 garage sale find changes your life...Okay not really. But this straw dispenser turned pencil dispenser has been an amazing find! I will definitely be on the lookout for more!
This gorgeous piece of stained glass was only $45 at an estate sale. It was clearly old because of the wooden pegs holding it together and the old lead lining. I knew it was worth quite a bit because of its size, age, and condition. I was happy to get rid of it in a week for a $280 profit! 

I almost had a heart attack when the lady at the garage sale priced this for only $4. And it works?? Double steal!

Anything coffee related has my heart. This coffee grinder for practically pennies couldn't be passed up!

While at a flea market in North Carolina, the vendor might has well have paid me to take this hunk of metal. But for $5, who can say no? With love and lots of polishing, it's (almost) good as new!


Okay, so the Swatch watch needed a size comparison! After smacking my husband in the head with it a few times, it got banned from the house and went to my classroom instead. A splurge at $20, but do you blame me?


I bought both of these at the garage sale of a precious old man. The $14 dollar price tag for the pair had me in hysterics, and the conversation with such a sweet man left me smiling the rest of the day!

Some things just fall into your lap. I'm not above dumpster diving, and I'm certainly not above slamming on my breaks to pick up a treasure on the side of the road. Who sets Louis Vuitton by a dumpster to be discarded?

My husband hated this purchase! I spent $10 on what he felt like was a hunk of metal, but I knew there was someone in the world that couldn't live without it (pretty much just me). But after driving with my hatch open and this big ol' thing hanging out all the way home, I realized there was no good place for it! So I contacted some boutiques in our local downtown area, and lo and behold, someone snatched it up for $200! What a profit! Hubby hasn't questioned my buying since ;)

So much to do with a bar cart that doesn't involve alcohol. How about a record stand? I found this at a garage sale when we lived in Fort Worth. I told the lady she had to make me a good deal, or my husband wouldn't let me have it. 50 cents you say? SOLD!

Another side of the road find. This midcentury chair was being thrown away! I all but fainted!

How about old chair springs as a wreath? Yes, please for only $5!

My kitchen table. I begged hard for the lady to drop the price to all the money I had in my pocket at the time. She let me walk away with it and the chairs for only $90. With her children's handwriting still lightly rubbed into this well-loved table, I fell in love hard and fast.

This one is where my love began. A locked box with one single word on the front. It rattled around when I shook it, and it felt heavy. With the bartering skills of a pro, I walked away with an unknown item for $5. It could have been in a million pieces. it could have been a piece of junk...but inside was this. My first real taste of getting money for nothing. The first time I really found a gem.

My hubby truly gets the credit for this one. While I was drawn to it immediately, I didn't think it would be worth my time. But after we researched it, we HAD to go back for it. We paid $1 and sold it two days later for $100. Oh, happy profit!

This cool piece came out of a Grandy's restaurant front door! Nostalgia sells, y'all! Bought Friday for $5. Sold Saturday for $100.


  1. Wow, you have found some amazing bargains! I got an old Singer the same as yours in a garage sale but I had to pay $50 for mine. I also have a vintage typewriter that I adore. Can't say I've even seen a giant swatch in my bargain hunting though!

    1. The Swatch was a lucky find! It hangs in my classroom now :) Thanks for commenting!

  2. You have a real eye for the quirky fun garage sale finds. So fun!


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