About Me

As an avid lover of creation and design, I have lived my life searching for the best way to create my dreams. Without fail, the thing I absolutely HAD TO HAVE either didn't exist or cost more than my "just married" budget could afford. I wasn't willing to go broke to fulfill my dreams... So I began to create, repurpose, and give life to old junk that no one wanted. Since then, I have filled my home with pieces that have been stained with love and reupholstered with hard work. And my journey continues with every new find.
Things I love: 
My husband and my dog 
Picking up junk off the side of the road 
Taking naps 
Decorating and redecorating 
Rescuing an item from the brink of a dumpster 
Watching Jeopardy 
Sanding in my garage 
Buying things I don't need and reselling them when I don't have a place to put them 
Finding places to put things 

Ordinary Royalty got its name from my frugal love of exquisite home decor. While I may not be willing to afford aristocratic prices, that doesn't mean my home can't be lavishly unique and wildly wonderful. Come join me in turning junk into treasure on a paupers budget!
Thanks for stopping in to say hello! If you haven't checked out some of my favorite Garage 
Sale Finds, you don't want to leave before checking it out! 

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