Wednesday, June 12, 2019

*Disclaimer: Not all of these fabulous ideas are mine. Some of them come from other amazing bloggers. If you want to see their original post, just click the picture! 

If you're like me, staying organized is akin to giving up coffee. It isn't going to happen without some serious intervention. I am a "make piles and shove it in a cabinet" kind of organizer. Pathetically, my classroom follows suite. However, there are a couple of really simple ways to set your life up to make staying organized a breeze. Here are a few of my favorites for the home, office, and classroom!

1. Straw dispenser turned pencil dispenser

2. Pen/pencil board

3. Mason jars for EVERYTHING

4. Spray paint everything to make them match and look fancier

5. Gumball machine turned eraser machine

6. Organize your cords with binder clips

7. Beautify your clothespins with decorative tape

8.  Cardboard boxes for storage

9. DIY desk organizer

10. Spice rack organizer 

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