Monday, April 15, 2019

Turn Any Photo into a Vinyl Image

I'm an idealist. This fact often makes shopping an impossibility for me. I have the exact idea of what I want to buy in my head and lament when the item doesn't actually exist or costs an unreasonable amount. This fact is what has made me the creative person I am. I'm forced to create the items that I can't find in stores or that I'm unwilling to spend my life savings on! My Cricut has made it possible for me to take the exact item I love and turn it into a vinyl pattern that I can use for much less.

First, take a photo/screenshot of the image you want to use. This is much easier if the image is going to be one solid color. Also, the more solid the background, the better. For this project, I used a picture of a sign I took on one of my favorite days in England last summer. To attempt to recreate this on my own would never be possible, and it's a great way to bring memories home.
Next, upload your photo to the Cricut Makerspace.
Go ahead and crop as much of the background out as you can. It will leave you less to have to remove manually.
Around the edge, use your erase tool to clear out the back ground as much as you can. You don't have to try to get in between the spaces of the image or right up against it. You'll use the remove tool for that in the next step.

The next piece of this process is the most tedious. Use the remove tool to remove the space you don't want in the image. This will be where the Cricut will cut, so make sure to remove all empty space.
Go back and forth between erasing and removing until you have a crisp finished product.  In the right-hand corner of the app, you can tap the small box to see your progress and if you missed any spots. Don't forget the spots in your letters!
After you've removed the background, you just have to save the image to be cut/sized later.

If you are choosing to do multiple colors, you may want to isolate each color independently.

So is it possible to do this with photos of people or animals? Yes! Here's a tutorial on How to Turn a Photo into and SVG.

So simple! Now you can create anything you find without having to redesign it yourself!

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