Tuesday, April 2, 2019

How to Turn a Photo into an SVG

My Cricut has been one of the best birthday presents I could've asked for! And, honestly, the only thing I love more than my Cricut is my dog. So when I decided I wanted to turn him into a decal, I knew it would take some work. Here are the steps I used to turn my pooch into an SVG file and how you can do it with any photo!

First off, here's my adorable dog, Chewie. He's a rescue and the most fantastic doggo of all time!
Your first step is to choose or take a picture that has a relatively solid background. The more solid it is, the easier it is to single out the exact silhouette you want for your SVG.

Next, get rid of the background of your photo. There are many websites and apps that can do it for you, or you can do it manually on the Cricut Makerspace by using the erase tool. Here is the wesite I used to take away the background image: https://clippingmagic.com/
Once you have your floating head, upload it to the Cricut Makerspace. You'll want to make your photo have all of the original colors, so you'll need to make a new SVG for each color so you can layer them on top of each other. Since Chewie is black and white, I had two pieces to give me the final result.
The first layer is the bottom silhouette. This will be the biggest piece and I will layer my other pieces on top of it. Use the remove tool to take out all of the empty space behind his head. For the second layer, upload the picture again and use the remove tool to get rid of the color you've already used for your base layer. In this case, I'll remove all of the black coloring because I already have that in my first layer. You'll do this for every different color in your photo.

In the Cricut Makerspace, start by uploading the base layer first and layer the others over each other to get the correct size. Clicking the layering button will let you choose different colors for your pieces. This will help you be able to see your final result. When you have the size, colors, and layering you need, you're ready to cut!
As you get ready to cut your vinyl, you'll cut out each layer on the different colors that you want the final image to be. For mine, the base layer will be on black vinyl and the top layer will be on white.

Once you have your pieces cut out, it's time to layer your vinyl. There are many ways to do this, but I prefer to do it on the transfer tape so it all goes onto the surface in one single motion. You can also layer each individually on the surface.

So now it's time to start turning all of your favorite photos into one of a kind vinyl decals! Leave us a comment with any tips or tricks you learned along the way!

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