Friday, August 17, 2018

Easy DIY's Using Only Spray Paint

*Heads up: Some of the photos and ideas in this post are NOT MINE, but, because I love them, I have compiled them here for you! If you want to know the original owner, click on the picture. 

Some things are just ugly. They could be outdated or just an awful color that should have been left in the 70's. I'm looking at you, pea green. So should we just throw them out? Absolutely not! Spray paint covers a multitude of imperfections and can turn an awful looking piece into something magical for your home, office, or classroom! Here's a few of my favorite examples!

Office Supplies

Everyone wants cute or matching office supplies. So spray paint your filing trays or pencil cup so they match! And how about the straw dispenser turned pencil dispenser? This thing has been a life saver in my classroom! Who would have thought that a $3 garage sale find could be so useful and so cute!

Lamps can add character to any room, but the ugly outdated lamp your grandma handed down may not be ideal for your style. Spray paint is a quick lifesaver and can make it look like you spent a lot on it without breaking the bank!


Monochromatic figurines are so popular right now! However, they can be pretty pricey. Stop at Goodwill or a garage sale to pick up some plastic toys and grab a can of spray paint for an instant bookshelf makeover! 

Ugly chairs are sad, but a quick coat of paint masks many imperfections. This could change the look of any type of chair, and I've even seen people spray paint the fabric!

Old, ugly canvases sell for practically nothing. No one wants a picture with a multicolored tiger or Justin Bieber back in his "Baby" prime. Open a can of spray paint and you have a brand new surface for your creation!

Some dishes, bowls, and vases can be hideous. But a coat of spray paint will do wonders. Sara has an awesome tutorial on how to make your work look professional! *Be a smarty and don't use spray paint of a surface that will touch food. I don't want you to die. 

I mean, this post could go on forever, and we could EASILY talk for days on the magic transforming power of spray paint! But I want to hear from you! What are some amazing ideas you have come up with on how to DIY with spray paint! Let me know or leave a link in the comments below! Happy transforming!


  1. Great ideas! Cinnamon color spray paint makes fades terra cotta flower pots look brand new !

  2. What amazing results!!. Loved the colourful chairs, they looked amazing!! :)

  3. I just love the thrift store. You're absolutely right. With a little spray paint, you can create magic. Those gold elephants are too cute!

  4. These are such great ideas! So easy and simple,and everything came out so nice!

  5. Those painted lamps are amazing. Great results!

  6. I love the chair Idea. I often just end up throwing them out But a good sanding and spray paint is differently on my next to do list. Thanks for sharing.


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