Tuesday, July 24, 2018

7 Ways to Decorate With Books on a Budget

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My home is covered with books. I mean, really. If my hubby didn't have a floor to ceiling bookshelf at work, we would have to start dedicating entire rooms to books! Sure, we collect books on topics that interest us, but sometimes you just buy it because it's cheap and pretty! Being that we have so many, I have had to come up with a few unique ways to use them! Here are some of my favorites...

1. Before you do anything, you must understand how to style a shelf correctly. Book shelves with just books are boring! This is the perfect place for all your knick-knacks, too! Jane lays out the step-by-steps of having the perfectly styled bookshelf here- https://www.organisedprettyhome.com/styling-a-bookshelf/

2. Use books to create the illusion of height and depth on a flat surface. If all of your items are on one level, it begins to look more like clutter than decor, and books are the perfect solution.

DECORATING WITH BOOKS-budget friendly ideas-books in uniform color-stonegableblog.com        How to make fabric covered books!
3. Cover books to make them uniform or funky! Don't let ugly covers stop you from digging through 25 cent bin at the next garage sale. Any hardback will do!

4. Make them into something else! You can think of books like Legos. They can be made into anything if you have enough of them. A Christmas tree? A table? The possibilities are endless! I made this lamp recently for less than $10!

Click on the picture to find out how I made this lamp on a very small budget!

There's something to this. I think I might do it in frames....perhaps a single frame? I like the idea, though.Great foundation here.     DIY Floating Bookshelves...impressive and inexpensive! More interesting than ordinary bookshelves, they take up very little space and cost less than $50.
5. Hang them on the wall! You heard me right! You can hang them directly on the wall for some homey flair or make literal floating book shelves!

I love to decorate with thrift store books. See how easy it was to make these simple book page rolls!        Looking for an easy DIY holiday wreath idea? Decorate your home for the holidays this year with this eye-catching easy to make Christmas book page wreath.
6. Use the pages. There are hundreds of ways to use book pages to create something beautiful! From lampshades to wreaths and rolled pages to decoupaging on furniture, you can use any old, sad book with damage for these kind of projects.

{Anthropologie Knock-Off} De DIY weekend editie: gave boekletters | Roomed (in Dutch)

7. Make some letters! There are tons of ways to use books to make letters and these are two of my favorites. The top letters I made from water damaged Dr. Seuss book pages and cardboard for my classroom. I've attempted to make letters like the bottom set and failed (so far). Another way to turn books into letters will be coming soon in a new tutorial! Stay tuned!

What are some ways you decorate with books? 
Are they cluttered chaos or delicate decor in your home?
Drop a link if you have written about a book DIY project so we can follow and get to know you!


  1. Great ideas Ashley! I never thought about covering books and using them as decorations. I have tons of books in my house as well. You can never have too many books! :)

    I used to work in a library, and they created round Christmas trees out of books they no longer wanted.

  2. Lots of great ideas! Loved the vintage books & also the covered books. So many great ideas that I would never have thought of

  3. Very cute. This would work well with children's book to give the playroom a more uniformed look. I also love centerpieces that incorporate books. My friend just had a book-themed bridal shower. It was very creative, and she got some pretty interesting books. If you're interested, I list them out at https://www.honeycombmoms.com/must-haves/2018/8/1/23-books-for-a-black-millennial-bride

  4. Oh my goodness! I love books and I love decorating without spending bunch of money so this post made me so happy. I will try out the Christmas tree idea when December rolls around. And I also love the idea of pages rolled up in a jar! Thank you for sharing these ideas!

  5. I really love this! I use books in my own home office to add to the decor of the room. Something about books just adds so much character to a space. Such a great way to re-purpose stuff you already have and save money on decorating!


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