Monday, June 4, 2018

How To Create A Rustic Photo Gallery Wall
I had a straight up vision. I had a huge, empty wall that needed some love, and I had spent hours researching ideas that would be reasonably priced. I had originally planned on a gallery wall, but I wasn't patient enough to gather items slowly, and I wasn't willing to go out and buy them at stores #broke. So one night, I had this idea come to my mind and had to get started right away! The next day, I went out to the woods behind my neighborhood to find a large, sturdy branch. This is a wild goose chase if you know that I live in North Texas. Large branches don't exactly just fall out of trees. My husband joked that I needed to take a saw and cut down a tree! So when we went to look for the branch for my project, we found this...
What?! Beavers?? I mean, how crazy to stumble upon this on my afternoon walk! No, I didn't get to see any of the cute fluffies, but it's totally clear that they are around! How great that I had a huge selection of branches! So I picked one up (much smaller than the one's above) and took it home.

To begin making your hanging gallery wall, cut the branch you've chosen to fit in the space you are wanting to hang it. This could be scaled up or down to fit any spot in your home. Cut off any extra branches that will get in your way. Then, sand down the branch lightly to remove any excess dirt and bark that would fall off in your home. You could sand off all the bark, but I love the look of the gray bark. I also didn't cut off the knobby bit because I loved the thought that a beaver chopped it down just for me!
 Next, lay out the branch on a large open space so you can place the pictures the way you want them. I used 12 frames because I got a good deal on them at Walmart, and I needed a lot of frames for this project! You could play around with different sizes, colors, and layouts as well! Once you lay them out and place them where you want them, tie some baker's twine (or other string of your choice) around the branch above where you want the pictures to hang and pull the string straight down over the frames as if they were hanging down (definitely take gravity into account as you work). Then place the frames over the string to get a feel for the finished product.
By this point, I was in love already! Flip the branch over and super glue the knots to the back so they won't be seen when it is hung up. Then, tie the picture frames securely onto the strings and super glue them in place as well. Make sure the super glue doesn't glue the frames shut!

Once everything is dry, add the pictures to the frames and use the baker's twine to add your hanging mechanism. I wrapped my twine around a few times so you could see it well, then super glued it in place on the back. I also added some picture frame teeth hooks to add some extra support.

Then with a quick few nails in the wall, you have a gorgeous piece to fill up large wall space. Way more fun than just hanging up a few pictures! It's as simple as that!
My cost totaled up to:
Branch: free (thanks beavers)
Frames: $8
Pictures: $3
Twine, sandpaper, and superglue: pre-owned
Total: $11 !!!

So you can fill up a huge wall for less than $15! And no one will ever guess you made it yourself ;) What are you waiting for? Start creating! Leave a comment letting us know the tweaks you made to make it your own!


  1. Great post! This is such a cute idea!

  2. That is a very cute idea! I absolutely love it! Pinning it for later thanks for sharing.

  3. This is such a cute idea! I think it would also make a perfect gift for my parents! <3 I will definitely try it! xxx

  4. Super creative and unique! What a great way to bring nature into the home and hang up pictures of your loved ones at the same time!

  5. I can not believe this cute gallery wall only cost you $11! You really pulled this all together and created a beautiful work of art out of your photos!

  6. This is so cute! We made a photo collage with an old photo frame, some twine, and clothes pins to hang the photos like on a clothes line. Turned out great, but this will be my next project :-)

  7. love this idea. this would be awesome in a mountain cabin!


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