Tuesday, April 10, 2018

This Quick Fix Will Change the Entire Feel of Your Bathroom

Every bathroom has that same awful mirror... You know the one. The frameless (sometimes off-centered) hunk of enormity that fills up the entire bathroom wall. Both of my bathrooms had them, and they had to go! My husband and I spent a lot of time on Youtube looking at tutorials for how to remove the enormous mirror without destroying it. I was extremely nervous, and took some of my pictures from the safety of the shower as my hubby helped me pull it down. But the results completely changed the look of both bathrooms!

Supplies you'll need for the project include:
1. A screwdriver (either a flat head or a Philips head depending upon how the mirror brackets are attached)
2. Duct or painters tape
3. Paint sticks/yard sticks/long thin pieces of wood to use for spacing behind the mirror
4.Safety goggles in case the mirror does break!
5. Work gloves, again in case of mirror breakage
6. A new mirror to hang (It could be a good idea to wait until you remove the first mirror to see what spots need to be covered. If you are okay with spackling and painting, you don't have to worry about covering up marks on the wall.)
7. Spackle and paint if the mirror wont cover the marks on the wall

First, take the security brackets off from around the mirror. Don't worry, most mirrors are glued to the wall, and the brackets do pretty much nothing to support the mirror.

Some types (left image below) can come off before removing the mirror. Simply unscrew and remove. Some of them (right image below) bend back and you can unscrew them after the mirror is off. Just make sure you bend them down enough to stay out of your way. Either way, there are going to be small holes for you to fill and repaint.

Step 2 is to tape up the mirror really well. Everyone I've seen do this project recommended this asterisk style pattern, and it worked well for us. Duct tape or painters tape will work fine. This picture is after I took it down. As you can see, it didn't break :)

After taping it up, you'll need to pull it off the wall. This is the part that scares people because shattered glass is a scary thought! Use paint sticks as spacers behind the mirror. Slide them behind the mirror to create some space between the mirror and the wall. Gently pull the mirror back from the wall, starting from the top. As you pull, slide the spacers down to where the glue was. Keep pulling and sliding the spacers until it is peeled off the wall.

Once the mirror is removed, you will have some marks where the mirror was glued. Thankfully, the spots on my wall were small. If they are larger than the mirror you were planning to hang, you may have to do some spackling and touch up work.

But if you're like me, the mirror covered all of the blemishes and hung nicely. I simply hung it the way you would a picture. If you have kids, or are worried it could be knocked off for other reasons, you may want to mount it more securely with a mirror mount like the one below.

Here's the result!

And since I loved my guest bathroom so much, I did my master! The mirror was larger, which meant more glue dots. You can't tell from the picture, but the clock in the middle is covering a small blemish. Nothing a little ingenuity can't fix :) Whenever we sell the house, it's a spot I'll have to fix. 

Can I say, those awful sinks are the next thing to go?? But the change in mirrors changed the whole look of my bathroom! Goodbye off-centered, frameless mirror! I won't miss you! This afternoon facelift can change the whole look of your bathroom! Why not start today? Leave me a comment if you have questions or more exciting ideas!

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