Friday, April 27, 2018

The Easiest Coffee and End Table Set

When I have my mind set on something, I am never satisfied with my options in a store. I have spoiled myself by buying antique and high-quality items at garage sales, so I'm never satisfied with price, even when it's reasonable to most. My coffee and end tables are the perfect example of upgrading my home and getting exactly what I wanted all at the same time! You don't have to be an expert craftsman to complete these projects.

My first step was to do my research. I had a stunning piece of cedar left over from a previous project and had to find a way to put it on my home. I wanted it to be a focal point, so I decided to put it right in the middle of my living room as my coffee table! Let my DIY board on Pinterest give you a little inspiration of your own! It's amazing how you can scroll through and see what types of projects I was really into at that time.

My first step was to sand the wood thoroughly. It brings out the red in the wood so brightly and creates a smooth finish. Here's a picture of the post-sand texture. You're a liar if you don't think it looks like bacon. Here's a link to the sander I use! I love it!

Then, I coated it with the perfect Spar Urethane. I didn't know much about the types of sealant, so I simply found a competent Home Depot employee to explain the differences and help me choose what I needed. I got...

The guy said it would prevent any water damage or dents, and, so far, he was right! I'll use this product more often! After a few coats, lightly sand any rough areas and polish it smooth.

Now for the legs. Y'all, searching for decently priced legs was the death of me. I searched at every store, looked at garage sales, and finally caved and bought some from Amazon. I don't love buying products online because the hassle of sending them back if I don't like them is ridiculous. I bit the bullet on these and LOVED them. I was so pleased that I will buy them again any time I need legs for a table. They are smooth, sturdy, and heavy! There's a link over there to the right!

Attaching them was super easy as well. After measuring out where they needed to be, I marked the holes and drilled holes so my screws would go in easily. I screwed in the screws, dusted of the top, and moved it in my house, and.... CAN YOU SAY GORGEOUS?

Could this be used for a bench? Maybe...but I'm not brave enough to sit on it to find out! Maybe a stiffer wood would work. I would trust the legs to hold up a person.

Houston, we have a problem. Not really...but now my end tables didn't match my coffee table...So when I saw these laundry baskets for sale on Facebook Marketplace, my brain saw end tables! They needed to be spray painted black to match my coffee table legs and needed a top that would be the same color as the cedar. Here's a link to my inspiration for these tables:

I measures the widest parts of the baskets and went to Home Depot to choose wood that would fit my dimensions. The best part is that they will cut the wood for you if you have the dimensions ready for them. They cut the wood and I had an entire other square left over for another project! Score!

Attaching them was be the tricky part. I laid the table top on the ground bottom up, set the bases on top, and used wide head nails in the corners of the bases to hold it to the table. It worked like a champ (thankfully, because I was out of ideas). I sealed them with a redwood sealant and...
They turned out to be beautiful and matched my coffee table well! Here's a side-by-side...
I'm in love with my design and love the warmth they bring to my home! Have you ever had a design that you couldn't find in store? Leave a comment describing it!

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