Friday, March 30, 2018

This Curtain Trick Can Totally Change Your Room

The way you hang your curtains can make a massive difference in how large your room feels. But hanging curtains can also make your room feel closed off and dark. Not only that, but curtains and curtain rods can be expensive, especially for large windows! So how can we hang curtains that open up the room and still add a lot of flair? And does the above trick even work??

The first thing I did was I went with something sheer that would make the room feel soft and inviting. I bought some curtains at a garage sale for $10, but if you can’t find anything you like, these from Amazon are a steal! 

I wanted mine to be really long to reach from floor to ceiling. But how to hang them in a creative way that won’t cost a lot? I wasn’t willing to buy curtain rods, but I had a TON of fence panels. 

So after sawing off the rounded edges (which isn’t necessary), I cleared my floor and laid the wood panels down against my windows. Then, I measured where to staple the curtains. The break between my windows is about 6 inches, and I wanted to cover them to make it look like one large window.

Once I marked where on the board my curtains needed to hang, I took my staple gun (my one true love) to the fence panels and the curtains. I folded up the fabric so that it would hit the floor at exactly the right spot and be the correct width to cover the space between the windows. Then, I stapled it to the BACK of the board. It is meant to be flipped over the board to create a waterfall effect. 

Depending upon how many windows you have and where you want your curtains to fall, you can decide how many curtains you need and how wide they need to be. Mine were folded a few times before I stapled them up. I felt like this made them look thick and lush.

But we had a problem when we went to hang the fence boards up (I have two fence panels and the curtains + wood made them somewhat heavy). My original plan was to screw them into the wall (which probably would have worked had my drill cooperated). Since Plan A left me with empty windows, Plan B was to attach picture brackets to the back of these and hang them like a photo (two brackets per board).  It worked like a champ! Yes, I decided to staple them on, too.  #impatient

The issue that some people have with these is that they don't actually block any light. My intention for these was purely decorative because my venetian blinds take care of the light when need be. A solution to this problem would be to staple them in wider panels and tie them up in the middle or to the sides.

So does the trick work? Does it actually make the room look larger? Here’s a side by side for you to decide. 

Yes, the dog helps in the second picture 😍 But I see a huge difference between these two! Shoutout to my amazing hubby who helped me get these up! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below and keep a look out for my next article: “7 Inventive Storage Ideas.”

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