Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Giving an old Singer a new tune

I’ve always seen a sewing machine treadle as a work of art. Something about a big hunk of metal with a purpose just screams “put me in your house!” But without a purpose, they just take up space. 

So after finding a treadle for $20, what could I do but take it home. After some reasearch, I discovered it’s from 1915.  The only problem...the termite infested cabinet was still attached, and the pedal was stuck fast. So to start, I had to strip it down to the bones. Not hard since it was practically falling apart. I took out the machine and saved it to sell later. While keeping every nut, bolt, and screw, I carefully peeled back the wood, saving the drawers  (which were in pretty good shape). I tossed all the wood and was left with...

The drawers, which I put new knobs on and sold for $40 for the pair. 

The machine (isn’t it gorgeous?!?) which I sold to a leather worker for $100. 

And the treadle... The base for a million possible projects! With some WD-40, the pedal came into working order and was well polished. 

Depending upon the type of top you want, it could be as simple as screwing on the new top (with the screws you were hopefully able to salvage) and sealing it with something hearty. My suggestion is this Polycrylic. It'll ward off any water stains :)

With the one below, I had to make the top to match the decor I wanted for my coffee bar and made myself some shelves to match. It was also cheaper to use some old fence wood.
P.S. The "book" under the sugar set is just a painted block of wood. Clever, right?

Any top could be mounted on the treadle to create a beautiful piece! These treadles are a smart, creative way to give life back to your grandma’s machine. Do you have another idea for a treadle? Let us know in the comments below! Also let me know what project you want to see next! 

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