Monday, March 26, 2018

5 Places to Find Project Pieces

We all have grand Pinterest plans to fill up our homes with cheap, DIY ideas that will beautify our homes. But how can you accomplish any of them without the materials with which to make them? Here are my favorite places to find cheap items to repurpose!

1. Buying and selling pages on Facebook are a gold mine. Personally, I am a part of around 15, and they are constantly popping up on my Facebook home page. Not only that, it gives you a treasure trove of places to search for specific items. It also makes it easy to sell your unwanted items. If you buy a brand new t.v. stand to refinish, sell the old one to make some of your money back! At the bottom, I'll post links to all of my favorite garage sale pages in the Collin County Area :)

2. Garage sales. This sounds like a gimmie, but there's so much more to shopping at garage sales than people realize. Get there early if you're looking for the valuable items (antiques/rare pieces), but if junk to fix up is more your style, try to time it later, like 10/11ish. Most people are more interested in lunch than they are in making profit by then, so give them an offer of what you want to pay. Most will bite. After all, most people will take anything not to have to haul it back inside! Also, be willing to go when it's cold or hot outside. People having a garage sale in January aren't doing it out of convenience, but out of necessity, and they usually want to move their stuff fast! Finally, be willing to leave your number for items that you want if they wont budge on the price. If you love something, but the price tag is unreasonable, offer to come pick it up at the end of the day for your price if it doesn't sell. They all think Bill Gates is going to pull up and spend a fortune on their item. When it doesn't happen, they'll have your number ;)

Need a good way to find garage sales? Click here to sign up!

3.Thrift stores may not barter with you, but if they have the perfect piece of junk, it'll be so cheap you wont need the price lowered. Go often because things change out daily! Don't be afraid to buy the really ugly stuff. Yes, the dresser may be white with pink flowers, but if it has a solid structure, it can easily be sanded and repainted. Try to look past the coats of nastiness to see the structure underneath.

4. Facebook Marketplace is my new favorite thing.
Things to look for:
- Poorly taken pics of good items. It means they don't care about the item and just want it gone.
-Things that are posted "First come, first serve." That means they are ready to see it go, and will be willing to drop the price to have it gone. Say something like, "I'll come it it today if you'll drop the price to _______." That is super enticing for someone who wants to see their product go! However, anyone that is "first come, first serve" is going to get rid of their product quickly, so it's important to check often. You can also set up to get notifications about certain types of items you are looking for.
-Garage and estate sales! Some people don't know how to advertise any other way. This can be a good way to find a relatively undiscovered sale.

5. Don't be afraid to pick things up off the side of the road. I mean, don't slam on your brakes on the busiest highway in your town to pick up something that fell off a truck... But, seriously, people put out valuable items that they don't even know could be worth money! Sure, you may not get lucky enough to pick up a vintage Louis Vuitton suitcase (been there), but that scuffed up dresser that your neighbor left out? The chances are that they were just too lazy to get rid of it the right way!

This dresser is the perfect example! It had all its pieces when I picked it up from the side of the road, but it looked like a hot mess. But with a good sander and your favorite paint, anything can be gorgeous!

Here are some of the links to a few really good garage sale pages on Facebook. Obviously, these are only helpful to people who live in Collin County, Texas. If you lIve somewhere else, simply search for garage sale sites in your area. If you have any more, please post the link in the comments below!

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Princeton Texas Online Garage Sales

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