Thursday, March 22, 2018

10 Ways To Barter Better (Without Sounding Like a Jerk)

We don't do it at Walmart. We don't do it at Macy's. A price is a price in 95% of places you shop. But garage sales are NOT that way! So why don't we ask for a lower price? Do we feel like we're being rude, unkind, or even offensive? Here are a few ways to barter and haggle without being rude!

1. Say hello to the person who is having the garage/estate/antique/trade days sale. People aren't used to strangers being kind to them, and it makes them like you immediately. This may even mean making polite conversation if they seem interested in talking.

2. Relate to the seller somehow. Do you see something they're selling that you can use to start a conversation? "Hey, I see you're selling a lot of classroom posters. Are you a teacher? How cool, me too!" Are they wearing a shirt that you can talk to them about?  "TCU, Huh? Go Horned Frogs. Yeah, how do you think this year's season will go?"

3. Be careful how you act. Your reactions to the price often determine how much they think an item may be worth. If you jump up and down with excitement, then try to lower the price, they won't bite because they know your level of interest. Pick it up and carry it around if the price is really on point, but if it's high, put it back down. When they see you put it back, they realize that the price is out of your budget and should be more willing to lower it.

4. If it's reasonable, don't lowball. That's just rude. The only reason to offer a really low number is if you can tell they want their stuff gone. If you hear them cutting great deals for other people is a good sign that they'll take anything they can get.

5. Ask questions about the piece before you buy it. If it has any imperfections, you can use that to your advantage as a reason to lower the price. "Well, it has this stain here that has to be removed. Would you come down to ____ since I'll have to spend money to fix it?" You may not even be planning to fix the imperfection, but they certainly wont want it when you remind them it's damaged!

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6. Bundle your items! If you have multiple items that you want, offer them a bundle price. If the total price of the three items is $35, say something like, "If I buy all of these things, will you take $20?" Most people wont stop to count out how much each item is worth and will just be glad to see them go. You can even get confirmation that bundling is an option before you make an offer. For example, if you're looking at DVDs you can say, "You have $2 a piece on these, but if I buy a bunch will you make me a deal?" Most people will say yes. Then they can't back out because they already promised to give you a good price, even if you only pick up 3 or 4.

7. Carry small bills with you. You don't want to ask them to lower the price from $20 to $15, then ask them to break a $20. This is also really valuable if you have to say something like, "I can only spend $15 dollars on this." Then you can hand them the $15 even, and there's no question about your credibility.

8. Show them the money! There's something crazy about handing them the money as you make your offer. They see the money and realize that if they take your deal, they get money in their hands immediately. No one can resist that kind of instant gratification!

9. Start slightly lower than you want to pay. Most people will come back with a counter offer, and you don't want that to be out of your price range. If you want to pay $15 for their $20 item, offer them $10. Three things could happen: 1. They meet you in the middle at $15. 2. They say no, and you can offer them the $15 you wanted to pay in the first place. Both options 1 and 2 make you seem like a reasonable person who is willing to negotiate. 3. They give it to you for $10! Woohoo!

10. Make them name a price first. Then you know what ballpark they are in. If they are in the stratosphere with their number, you know it's not even worth the fight. I've also had people give me a price, and it was WAY lower than the number in my head. If I had made an offer, I would've overpaid! Yikes!

An extra nugget: Smile. Everyone's face looks better than way. A bat of the eyes and a "pretty please" doesn't hurt either.

Now that you know how to get the deals, go out and get some good stuff! Don't know where to find cheap stuff to repurpose? Check out this article for some inspiration: 5 Ways to Find Cheap Items to Repurpose. Don't want to miss the next update? Hit the subscribe button to get emails when articles are released. And don't forget to SHARE these tips with your friends :)

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